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Should Have Gave You My Number: Recent Graduates from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Wednesday, November 06, 2013   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Anastacia Stevens
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The 2013 MFA Painting & Drawing class will be showcased in exhibit Should Have Gave You My Number: Recent Graduates from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago at Art Amalgamated (317 10th Avenue in Chelsea) between November 14th- December 21st, 2013. The show will include work from: Rajee Arval, Levi Budd, TJ Donovan, Boris Osterov, Yahya Moosavi, Autumn Ramsey, Celeste Rapone, Maddie Reyna, Nabila Santa-Christo, Robert Thomson and Alice Tippet. Artist statements are listed below.

For more information please visit Art Amalgamated's official website.

Rajee Aryal  "My practice is driven by a synesthetic desire to depict and experience "things” that belong to one system of representation in the units of a different system.  Hence, the translation of an image to a collection of letters or a text to a collection of shapes and colors. The translation code I employ in the process is subjective and arbitrary and varies from work to work. Although my practice is currently focused on translations between image and text, I am interested in expanding it to include other systems of representations.”

Levi Budd I am weighing your Black history and your Black pain versus my own sense of folly and choosing myself. And that, beloveds, is what White privilege is all about. "I hear what you all are saying, but at the end of the day, I come first."

T.J. Donovan
 I am a multi-media artist whose practice explores a spectrum between abstract making and direct address; radical freedom and obligatory utterance; escape and confrontation.  Eh, fuck it…I'm pleading insanity.  

Yahya Moosavi
 is an Iranian artist living in Chicago who uses machines to create paintings. He uses brush but lets the appliance hold  it. He eliminates the physical connection between the painter and the canvas. Painting is the mark which the definite file has made in one move.

Boris Ostrerov "I aim to make seductive and visceral paintings that make viewers salivate or give them a boner.  They are partly about paint(ing) and often imbued with a sense of directness, urgency, excessiveness, libido, and grotesqueness.  I never cease to be mesmerized by paint and the endless possibilities of what it can do or be like.  I push materials and logics to their extremes, to the point when the material or logic reaches a surprising, captivating and absurd conclusion.”

Alice Tippit (b. 1975) lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. In paintings and her works on paper she employs a graphic, hard edged style and a restrained color palette, using simple, recognizable yet relatively neutral shapes. The resulting images function as signs in which the interaction of form and color produce visual relationships that seem to project specificity while remaining ambiguous enough to allow interpretation and inquiry. Tippit received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in May, 2013. She has had solo exhibitions at Jancar Jones Gallery in Los Angeles, Important Projects in San Francisco, and at PEREGRINEPROGRAM in Chicago.

Robert Hotchkiss Thomson
 In this painting a harvest is going on in the name of a pure, sterile sex. And, to be sure, masks proliferate, but i hope in those conciliatory images of walking death and the unremarkable fountain of youth they promise, something of the afterlife that escapes the fascist body returns: mold, fungus, bacteria blooming…and there, in the hustle of toon town, an old spiritual that's been waiting. Our someone's fantasy come back to terrorize on behalf of the animals we've had hunted even in their absolute stillness.

Autumn Ramsey "Drawing on experience, imagination and a feminist awareness, all of my work incorporates themes of the body and a need to reconcile its internal divisions. Not surprisingly, many personal conflicts once externalized pictorially also become cultural narratives, functioning as a critique of racial, sexual and social identity. Autumn Ramsey b. 1976, United States, lives and works in Chicago, IL.”

Celeste Rapone
’s work explores painting as magic; magic as spectacle; spectacle as ritual; ritual as nostalgia; and nostalgia resurrected through painting. Born in 1985 in Wayne, NJ, Rapone received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2007 and her MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013. She currently lives and works in Chicago, IL.

Maddie Reyna  Makes things that are unmistakably specific to her subjectivity and simultaneously call out the aesthetic of consensus.  Her work owns it reliance on taste, and uses boneheaded imagery to critique self-important and casual contemporary trends.  She is 26 and lives in Chicago, IL.  Upcoming projects include a solo show at Autumn Space in December, 2013 and two consecutive shows with Levi Budd at Julius Caesar in April and May, 2014.

Nabila Zoraya Santa-Cristo uses images, words, and abstraction in order to challenge current ideas plaguing her art practice. Through different perspectives, and a game of question and answer, she is able to generate a debate within her paintings.


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